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2020 Black Belt Grading
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What Is Qi Kwan Do?

A martial art and practical self-defence system

It’s perhaps the most practical and true self-defence system ever devised. Most street attacks are sudden and violent in their nature and there is little time for conscious thought or margin for error. Students learn to react automatically with conditioned responses that are rapid, accurate and executed without hesitation.

Every Technique in Qi Kwan Do is based on realistic self defence, in a real fight situation and to knock an opponent down in one strike. Some of the Qi Kwan Do techniques may not look as flashy as seen in the movies but they are all carefully designed and structured to be practical for people at any age and are realistic self defence tecniques.

Master Parisi has devised Qi Kwan Do based on three concepts:

  • Movements must be natural, easy to learn and easy to remember;
  • Movements must flow, with a circular motion in every punch and kick that uses the body’s movement to focus energy;
  • Movements must be practiced repeatedly under gradually more realistic conditions.

Qi Kwan Do movements differ from those of other martial arts as it uses:

  • Defensive stances , which are better for mobility and the ability to put body weight into a movement for optimum power
  • Economy of motion , which is achieved by keeping the hands up in a defensive position, not on the hip or crossed;
  • Flowing movements , so that all Qi Kwan Do movements flow into one another naturally without wasted motion.

Qi Kwan Do is all about the Martial Art and Self Defence Programme

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  • NO Greed
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